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We are at the dawn of a new carbon economy

We are at the dawn of a new carbon economy

We are at the dawn of a new carbon economy

New Carbon Economy Consortium

The New Carbon Economy Consortium is an alliance of universities, national labs, and NGOs working in partnership with industry leaders to build a carbon-conscious world.

We believe human ingenuity and innovation can enable a prosperous, growing economy that captures and stores more carbon than it emits.

The New Carbon Economy Consortium (NCEC) evolved from the premise that rapid development, assessment and deployment of carbon capture technologies and practices requires a new way for universities, national laboratories and NGO’s to work together. Through a robust network, the NCEC continues to build the intellectual basis for engineered, biological and social solutions, and – most importantly – their implications for society.

New Carbon Economy Consortium
Social Science Research Fellowship

The NCEC is requesting applications for Postdoctoral Fellows in the social sciences to work with consortium institutions on topics related to the transition to an economy that sequesters more carbon than it emits. The NCEC is building a knowledge enterprise that includes the scholarship needed to understand and facilitate the development of approaches that remove, store and use atmospheric carbon and explore the critical intersection between such advancements and the social sciences like economics, political science, sociology, human geography, with special attention to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The NCEC seeks applications from scholars across a broad spectrum of social science disciplines and perspectives, including perspectives on how CDR technologies can be scaled equitably and safely. Potential research areas for the fellowship include: Politics, Governance and Market-Making; Science-Policy and Science-Society Interface; and Societal Transformation.

The application deadline has been extended to February 15, 2021

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An Innovative Plan

By convening researchers from across institutions and disciplines to pose new research questions, share resources and develop pathways towards the widespread deployment of carbon removal solutions, we have set forth an innovation agenda for a new carbon economy. In this report, you can expect to find a technical review of solutions, the identification of research gaps, and recommendations for the Consortium’s future work.

Executive Summary Full Report

Consortium Collaborators

The NCEC is comprised of highly accomplished scholars and research center leaders; it is organized by a Secretariat directed by Dr. Peter Schlosser at Arizona State University in collaboration with Noah Deich, Executive Director of Carbon180. Representatives of the Consortium include the following: